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ANSWER: Pricing is based on the population size of zip codes. The standard pricing is 0.000749 per person in a zip code(s). Paid on an annual basis.

EXAMPLE: A zip code with the population of 10000 people would only cost $7.49 ANNUALLY (12 months of membership).

NOTE: The minimum ANNUAL cost is $7.49 (populations of 10000 or less). All populations data is generated using the 2010 US census data.

ANSWER: We use the 2010 Census Bureau data.

ANSWER: NO. The minimum ANNUAL membership fee is $5.00


  • Decide on zip code(s) you would like to be exclusively featured in, navigate to the zipcode of your choice.
  • If the zip code is avaiable for purchase, simply add it to the shopping cart and pay your annual membership fee.
  • You will the be able to complete your Rep Profile Page and submit to us for manual processing to be published.

ANSWER: Two business days or sooner after you submit.



ANSWER: YES. However, there will be no refunds.

ANSWER: YES. As long as membership fees are paid timely and the member is in good standing, the zip code(s) can be maintained.

ANSWER: YES. Available zip codes are available for purchase anytime.

ANSWER: Due to the fact that the zip codes are exclusive and only one Rep is listed in a specific zip code, you would have to wait to see if the Rep renews their membership. An idea would be in the meantime to consider purchasing surrounding zip codes of your choice. All Reps are treated equally and Zip codes are offered on a first come basis.